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The problem with a task list is that usually there are hundreeds of tasks and it's exceptionally challenging to manage them. Schedule can be considered as a bunch of task lists for each and every day. You can set up all tasks as well as events on specific days and also forget them till that day comes. Concentrate on today's tasks just as well as keep your waiting list (stockpile) clean.

Several tools display tasks in schedule view, nevertheless couple of people use it, because it's misleading. It doesn't reveal you schedule, it shows your due dates. The tasks are shown based on due date, which is totally wrong. Time blocks are mosting likely to solve this. You can schedule time block on 5th May 2021, while task's due date still is 10th May 2021. In addition to that you can produce several time blocks for each and every task if it calls for more than 1 day.

It's mosting likely to be the initial tool which reveals you all the tasks and also events on one screen. Some existing devices support events, however you have to go to Calendar in order to create and also see them. Our device allows you to create and see both events and tasks on one board. You don't have to switch over between task list as well as calendar no more.



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