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Mighty Tips shinning in the Philippines betting industry

As the Philippines prepare to co-host one of the largest basketball events in the world, there has been a rise in the number of people seeking information and tips on sports betting. Mighty Tips has been recording high traffic from users in the country. 


With the Philippines co-hosting the World Basketball Championship in 2023 there is a flurry of activities. The country is preparing to host a large contingent of basketballers and at the same time show the world that they are ripe for even bigger events. On the same line, the betting industry is growing astronomically with most people engaging in different kinds of bets. With the rise of betting activities especially along the sports line, people are seeking credible and trustworthy information.


Mighty Tips has come to fill this gap, providing betting enthusiasts as well as the general population with information, analysis, and as well as tips. The site has become popular with young and old alike. The popularity of the online sports prediction portal is seen by the number of visitors it is receiving from the Philippines as well as other Asian countries.

While revealing this, the Mighty Tips representative said they are getting more than one million visitors from all over the world every month with users from the Philippines being among the top. “We are grateful for the users in the Philippines; we have provided a portal where they can seek information and tips before placing bids. With the huge traffic that we are receiving from the Philippines and other parts of the world it is a confidence vote that we are providing worthwhile and credible content,” said the representative while appreciating the reception they are getting from the Philippines.

SeoBrothers representative was also quick to point out that the efforts to include the local experts in creating the portal that can be accessed in the Philippines have borne fruits. has been instrumental in the strategy that has been used to reach the different parts of the world as well as the use of local talent.


History of betting in the Philippines

Available records show that betting has existed in the Philippines for a long period. Some unsupported reports talk of gambling being present even before the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century. With the United States' short occupation of the country, they introduced sports such a basketball and boxing, some of the popular games among the betting fraternity in the country. Since then the industry has continued to grow with legal infrastructure being put in place to regulate the activity.

The introduction of online betting has contributed greatly towards popularizing gambling in the Philippines. A survey which was conducted recently shows that majority of the betters use their phones to place bids. This is fueled by the high mobile penetration where almost every adult in the country owns a mobile phone and a majority of them have access to the internet. Bookmakers have taken advantage of this and introduced mobile betting sites where the Philippines betting enthusiasts can place bids regardless of their location.

Dedicated customer support

Mighty Tips has filled the information gaps, providing credible and trustworthy analysis and information. Users in the Philippines have been visiting the site in large numbers, and given the kind of customer support that the online prediction and analysis portal has been providing, the demand for information and tips is huge. “The Philippines is one of the countries that has been very active in our portal, we have been receiving huge numbers of requests as well as thank-you notes from the users,” revealed the Mighty Tips representative adding that they have dedicated a customer support representative to handle requests from the Philippines.


Mighty Tips brand is expanding to all parts of the globe; currently, it is available in several regions. The site is also available in seven languages with users in the Philippines accessing the English version. Other languages include:

  • Serbian
  • Hungarian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • French and
  • Polish


There are plans to avail the site in other languages. “The list of languages available in the site is growing and so are the countries and regions. We are growing. We want to reach every betting enthusiast, providing information and tips that can be relied upon to make successful bids,” said the representative while urging users to check on the social media pages for updates on when their preferred language become available.

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